Friday December 15, 2017

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How To Talk To Women Without Fear by Overcomming Approach Anxiety

Are you afraid to walk up to a woman? Master seducter Gary Brodsky explains how to talk to women and overcome approach anxiety: One of the biggest problems men have with women is that they do not know how to talk to them. Men often make common mistakes and use pickup lines which tells the […]

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How to Have An Affair Using the Internet Without Getting Caught

If you are looking to use the internet to start off an affair behind your partner or spouses back, luckily for you its not uncommon and actually quite popular. There are many websites that you can do this on but there are steps that you should take to hide your tracks to ensure that you […]

How to Use Craigslist to Have an Affair

One of the easiest ways to have an affair is to meet someone through The following are tips on how to use craigslist to have an affair online. Craigslist has separate websites for every major metropolitan area in the United States and Canada. Therefore, you will be generally looking for people in your city. […]

Top 10 Seduction Books

Gary Brodsky The Mistery Method Never to go to a bar and come back home smelling like cigarette, you don’t want your wife smelling it in your clothes and giving you the third degree. If you can’t (or rather not) go to nightclubs and bars to find girls, check out the online dating section in […]

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