Saturday February 24, 2018

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Sensual Woman Licking a Strawberry

How To Eat Ass: A Guide To An Amazing Rimming Experience

If you thought that tossing salad refers to meal prep only ,let’s widen your horizon. Tossing someone’s salad, commonly known as analingus or rimming is oral sex which is performed on another person’s butthole. In simple words, rimming basically refers to the act of using one’s tongue and mouth to pleasurably stimulate the rim of […]

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Female screaming in intense sexual pleasure

How To Eat Pussy: A Guide to Licking Her Vagina

Oral intercourse is one of the most intimate and (when done well) pleasurable acts that you can perform on a woman. Take this as your comprehensive guide to learning the best techniques to giving head to your girl, from how to start, all the way to that big, explosive finish. Most men don’t even understand […]

Is Calling A Chatline Considered Cheating?

Yes, calling a chatline is cheating: Arguments in Favor. The fact that your husband is aroused by another person and goes ahead get sexual satisfaction from an interaction is definitely something that you should be concerned about. Men think that they are having real relationships with the people they are taking to on the other […]

How to Hide Phone Numbers From A Cell Phone Bill

There are a few effective ways for preventing a phone number from appearing on your cell phone bill. Adding a secondary line or a disposable number to your mobile device comes with a minimum cost or sometimes completely free. This will help a great deal in protecting the secrecy of the dialed numbers. There are […]

Getting Rid Of Phone Sex Anxiety

A lot of people find it hard to convince the other person to have sex over the phone. This can be an awkward conversation. Use the tips below to enjoy a night of fun and excitement over the phone. Set Up the Date There’s no doubt that phone sex can happen like a one night […]

Radiant couple in bed after sexual intercourse

The Many Benefits of Having Orgasms

1. Curbs Your Appetite One of the most notable benefits you can experience from having an orgasm is the increase in oxytocin production– also known as the love hormone. This sudden increase could also help in controlling one’s appetite. To give you a better understanding how powerful this hormone can be, a study found out […]

Brian firing neurons during intense orgasm

What Is It That Makes Orgasms Feel So Good

We’re very much aware that the brain is the power source behind most decisions in our lives, however, do you also know that it also functions as a “pleasure center”? It is there to tell us what’s enjoyable during sex and what not. Without further ado, allow us to enlighten your minds as we delve […]

What the Heck is Hypno Sex?

How Does Hypno Phone Sex Work Plainly speaking, hypno phone sex is just what it sounds, phone sex in which the caller gets hypnotized by a “Domme” — a highly qualified PSO. Guided by the Domme’s hypnotic suggestions, if/when the caller is able to get completely relaxed and fully open to the experience, he is […]

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