Friday December 15, 2017

Approaching and picking up women is easier than you think! I always do. And it gets easier and easier the more women I approach! The problem with most men is that we are all born with a servo-mechanism embedded in our brains which tries to protect us from rejection and embarrassment. This mechanism derives from our ancestors, the cavemen. For the poor caveman, being rejected by the few suitable females capable of reproducing in his tribe could mean the difference between survival and extinction! Being rejected by a female Neanderthal could impede a caveman from passing on his genes altogether considering their short 30 year or so lifespan. While this protective mechanism was useful a million year ago, it is no longer needed today and it’s remnants are probably working against you and most men.  Nowadays we have way longer lifespans and an we are no longer constricted to our tribe for our whole life. For the modern man, striking out with one female homo-sapiens  is not the end of the world. We can just move on to the next one of the billions of women we have access to thanks to travel and technology.

Dont Be The Only Guy Without A Girl in The Bar

Now that you know where your fear of approaching women stems from, lets explore what you can do to make your subconsious understand there is nothing to fear when it comes to approaching women. In fact, when you stop thinking of women as the key to your survival and start treating them as the abundant commodity  they are, your success in this area will skyrocket.

With that in mind, this doenst mean you should approach every woman you com across with  and ask her to have sex with you (although this would work to some extend). In your quest for women, you want to have the right tools and attributes to minimize embarrassment and increase  your odds of success.  Know what to say and what to do to capture her attention.

What You Can Do To Get the Girl

Get this from me; there is no woman that you can’t have when you know exactly what to do. Women are just like prizes set out there for you to conquer. When you use the right techniques, you can always claim you prize. Here are the things that you should always do if you want to conquer the gorgeous women:

1. Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection is what stops most men from getting the women they want. If you are always in fear, how then are you going to get her? Fear is your worst enemy. Think of it this way; if she rejects, there are still millions of gorgeous women who will accept you. Don’t get upset about it. In fact, you should just tell her that she has missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

2. Approach More Than One Woman

There are plenty of gorgeous women out there. If you want to get them, always approach more than one woman. This is because women usually want what other women want. Therefore, if she sees you with another woman, she will start thinking that you are worthy. She will be curious to know what the other woman gets from you. This will greatly increase your odds of getting her.

3. Avoid The “Friend” Zone from the Start

When you approach a woman, there are three things that can happen. She can reject you, take you as a friend or think of you as a possible lover. You obviously want to be her lover. Don’t allow her to ‘friend zone’ you. This can be prevented by making your intentions known right from you first conversation. Don’t pretend to be a nice guy by starting an innocent conversation with her. Remember, once she puts you in the ‘friends’ zone’, it is really hard to get out of it.

4. Appear Confident (Even If You Are Not)

All women want men who display impressive levels of confidence. Be well groomed and speak to her with confidence. Wear decent outfit and look like the guy who can provide and protect. Make sure that you look like you have your act together. If you are the shy type, build up enough courage to approach her and at least break the ice. You can do this in as little as 3 minutes. You will notice the fear and anxiety subside the more you get to know her.

5. Impress Her But Keep Her Wanting More

When talking to girl for the first time, try to keep the conversation short. Don’t expose all about you in the first 5 minutes. Let her slowly discover the intricate and mysterious man you are. You will speak to her for a longer time when you meet the second time. The more you talk to her when you have just met her the first time, the more you increase the chance of blowing it with her. Wind up your conversation once you get the information you wanted. She will not find a reason to reject you when you talk to her briefly. Charm her, get her phone number and exit as soon as possible. If possible, make sure she sees you with other women as well.

Why Most Men Fail Approach the Gorgeous Women They Desire

While some men always seem to get any women they want, there are men who hardly get the women they desire. This is because they use techniques that have never worked in the history of seduction. Unfortunately, these men don’t realize that they will always be rejected if they continue using the same techniques. Here are a couple of things that you should never do if you want to get the gorgeous women;

1. Approaching Her Without a Plan

A plan is very important if you want to make a good first impression on any woman. This does not mean that you should sit down for hours strategizing on how you are going to approach women. All you need to do is think about what you are going to say to her or do to her. This only takes a couple of minutes (maybe 2 minutes). Don’t go to her when you have nothing to say. For example, before talking to a beautiful woman you have just seen, check out what she is wearing and start by complementing her when you approach her. Is that so hard to do?

2. Using Lame Pick Up Lines

Who told you that pick up lines work? Pick up lines will rarely give you results. In fact, when you approach a woman with pick up lines, she will probably not pay attention to anything else that comes out of your mouth. She is gorgeous, right? Therefore, she has probably heard that pick up line that you want to use from other men. Instead of using those pick up lines, tell her what is on your mind.

3. Telling Obvious Lies

Lies will never help you when it comes to women. Try as much as you can to be truthful. Some guys fail to get the women they want because they tell lies that are so obvious on their first encounter. When she knows that you are lying, she will label you as a liar and she will never want anything to do with you. Don’t even think for a moment that women are stupid because they are not. If she had some interest in you, one lie can destroy everything.

4 Focusing Too Much On Her Physical Attributes

Yes, she is drop dead gorgeous. You probably feel like you can stare at her incredible features all day without getting tired. However, you should refrain from doing that. When you talk to her, look at her eyes, not her beasts. Don’t make her think that you are only after her to fulfill your sexual desires (although this may be the case). Make her think that you are the guy that is going to sweep her off her feet, not a dog that just wants to get into her pants.

These are the tested and proven ways that will help you get all the gorgeous women you want.

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