Friday December 15, 2017

Why You Should Be Having More Sex:
The Many Benefits of Having An Orgasm

Regardless of what your pastor might say in church, having intense, passionate orgasms have real benefits. Whether you are having sex with a partner or reaching orgasm with the help of your favorite girl on that free sex cam site, there are proven benefits to cumming often.

Radiant couple in bed after sexual intercourse

1. Curbs Your Appetite

One of the most notable benefits you can experience from having an orgasm is the increase in oxytocin production– also known as the love hormone. This sudden increase could also help in controlling one’s appetite.

To give you a better understanding how powerful this hormone can be, a study found out that a mice that had been bred without the oxytocin gene ended up gaining a lot of weight.

2. Combats Depression

Another benefit you can get from having an orgasm is that it could eliminate stress and combat depression– thanks to the presence of oxytocin.

3. Promotes Better Sleep

The oxytocin can also reduce the cortisol levels that it encourages overall relaxation and drowsiness to some. Another chemical known as ‘vasopressin’ is released during orgasm and this hormone is also associated with better sleep.

This has also been supported by a study made in the University of Michigan, where they found out that the tendency of falling asleep right after sex is the result of greater partner desire for love and affection.

4. Helps You Loose Weight

Also, because of the dopamine we get during love making, it also ensures that our waistline will remain constant, because you wouldn’t be tempted to eat a lot.

A healthy sex life is a great way to combat stress– we have already talked about this earlier. Though, there’s a greater benefit you can get from oxytocin– it lowers down the blood pressure and improves digestion at the same time.

5. Improves Social Skills

A study from Concordia also suggests that the oxytocin can make a person feel more social, because it encourages trust, allowing you to bond with others.

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