Friday December 15, 2017

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Tinder is a new app for tablets and smartphones which is able to emulate real life dating. It is a new way to date in this era. Its designed mainly for singles who are looking for romance. This is because it is designed to enable quick connection for them. Through a simple swipe to the right or left, users can express interest on another tinder user or can ignore.

Unlike other many dating apps, tinder is free. Other sites can be costly but the apps might provide a lot more features. Tinder app is popular because it free and simple to use. Although the app may be free, their services are not free, thus one will be required to make in-app purchases.

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Using tinder app is fun and it has some cool features. To start with, tinder claims that can emulate real life dating because it has a setup which implements this. In order not to allow random users to connect with other users from different parts of the world, tinder has constraints. These constraints are majorly dictated to the users of Facebook account, their location information and why both users show interest in each other before starting communicating to each other.

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The spontaneous interface of Tinder makes it simple to use. The swiping gestures and buttons make the app very easy even for one handed use. The photos in the profiles have better enough quality even though it would have been better enough if there is possibility of showing photos with higher resolutions, particularly when the app is used on tablets with larger displays. Still, general user experience is great with the app and the bugs reported by some are perhaps isolated or rare.

The tinder app is snappy and light. It definitely does not need high device specs to run. As long as there is well enough Internet connection speed, the app should run efficiently. This Tinder assessment is mostly based on the app’s performance on a Smartphone. A more thorough review of its performance on a tablet and computer may be required. Still, it is safe to say that the app does an enormous job doing what it promises to do. The hype generated by this app on mainstream media is undoubtedly justified.

Tinder’s system reduces the likelihood of stalkers indefatigably trying to get in touch with people through the app. But, it would have been good enough if there is a possibility to view a profile which has already been skipped. At times, careless swiping through profiles can make one accidentally swipe left, missing on the great ones who will no longer be shown in the next sets of profiles.

In conclusion, this app is great for finding people near or far who you might never actually connect with. It really anonymous as it takes away the fear of chatting with someone new. The tinder app is quite basic but if you are looking for a place to connect and chat, it can the do the job well.

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