Friday December 15, 2017

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The official name of this dating website is Cherry Blossoms, it’s currently rated as the oldest marriage agency and social networking firm in the world. The portal was started in 1974, more than 20yrs ago, and has approximately 75,000 members, 60,000 of whom are female while 15,000 are male. It is meant for single adults all over the world to meet, greet and connect. Blossoms is absolutely free to join.


One must be at least 18yrs old to register with this site, their relationship status should also be single or separated from a spouse. Those that are already married or engaged to someone else are prohibited from signing up, since it can lead to cheating or infidelity. Moreover, by becoming a member you warrant and agree that you’ve never been convicted of felony or any other criminal activities in the past. Those that have been charged with sexual offenses are strictly denied membership.


Each registrant is expected to abide by the company’s rules of common decency and treat others with respect and politeness at all times. You are expected not to use defamatory, obscene, abusive, threatening, profane or other offensive materials or else your account would automatically be blocked. Furthermore, if there are any changes to your status then notify the management as soon as possible before the information at hand is regarded as inaccurate or misleading. For instance, if you have already found someone through the site and have started dating then your account should not read “single” as it were before but rather “in a relationship.” (Cherry Blossoms) Review

Cherry Blossoms also has the right/privilege to use and distribute publicly posted content in any way that they want. This information can either be incorporated to other already published works, or adapted and sublicensed to media channels. You further agree that public posting and content usage will not infringe on the rights of 3rd party individuals. Nonetheless, if a member doesn’t wish to divulge personal information they can easily adjust their account settings to privacy.


Since the site is free to join, administrators often don’t inquire into the background data of members or seek to verify the statements provided on their home page portal. Nonetheless, they can still conduct criminal checks or any other form of screening when needs be, like when one of the members is being investigated by the police for an alleged crime.

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Users are expected to be alert at all times, so as not to fall into the traps of criminals pretending to be looking for love online. Under no circumstances shall the company be liable to any damages or liabilities incurred by members, whether direct or indirectly. There’s no guarantee that you would be compatible with individuals met through the net, always be prepared for any outcome as things can go either way. Refrain from providing financial information and other related details to strangers even if they ask for them, bank account and credit card info should be out of bounds. also has an affiliate program where one can earn commission by promoting the site to other people. Affiliates are expected to promote the site in good faith without spamming or sending unsolicited mails.

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