Friday December 15, 2017

Adult Dating Profile Tips to Attract More Women

When looking for someone to have fun with or something different from your relationships, then having an adult affair is for you. The best way to get that fun affair is to create a dating profile with a site such as It needs to be something that will attract more women in a truthful but exciting way.

Online Dating Profile Design to Attract More Women Interest

When looking for an affair dating site, it needs to have as many security measures as possible to ensure the privacy of the client. Recently, one of the most popular sites was hacked and the hackers have threatened to release the members’ details. It should offer as much anonymity as possible and allows users to set their pictures as private to be viewed by the most trusted site users. There are sites that will fulfil your fantasies such as At the same time, there are a number of con sites out there, so you want one that offers video chat and messaging capabilities. This lets you see who you are connecting with without worrying that it could be someone with a false identity.

In order to create the perfect affair dating profile to attract more women, you actually need to know what women want. These are just 5 of the many things that women love.

  • Women also have needs. It is a guarantee that you will meet as many sexually charged ladies for your picking on an affair website. Gone are the days when women were conservative and hid their true passion. Therefore, you must be a man who is confident and is not afraid to speak their mind on their ultimate fantasies.
  • Women have a thing for alpha males. These are men who can take charge when needed.  It is in this category where the mythical “bad boy” can be found. Careful, you may meet and alpha female and have the wildest affair of your life.
  • Women love a man who can make them smile or laugh. You need to be funny, but always remember that there are vast categories of humor. She may be the kind that likes satire, the dark type of humor or the light and whimsical. As you get to connect with someone you are interested in, you will be able to know the right buttons to push.
  • A healthy wallet is a definite advantage. Let’s be honest, a woman’s eyes will light up a few extra degrees when she realizes you have a healthy sexual appetite and bank account to match. She may be willing to jump in the sack with you for a pair of diamond earrings or a weekend getaway to an exotic location. Either way, flash some cash.
  • Women love mystery. Just like physical gifts, they love to unwrap personalities and emotions.

With just these in mind, let’s create the perfect online profile to keep your female lineup long and interested.

  1. Consider the profile picture you want to use: It has to be something suave but fun. Nobody wants to engage with the messy looking dude in a dirty vest, torn socks and unkempt hair. Have a sexy smile and keep it neat and simple. Avoid the pictures you took with your boys’ at some dubious party.
  1. Keep it short and to the point: The information you put in should not be chapters of your life story – that will get people ignoring your profile. Instead, be simple and straight to the point about yourself. But remember that there is a difference between to the point and ambiguous.
  1. Honesty with a touch of mystery is cool: When creating your profile, try to be honest about yourself. She will know if you are not related to David Hasselhoff or that you have never been to Vegas, let alone own a casino there. But at the same time, keep some information to yourself with phrases such as ask me later’ after you mention something fun that you once did or a place you once visited. It is a guarantee that the ladies will want to know more about you.
  1. Be direct about what you want: Remember that everyone is a grownup (we pray so) on adult affair sites, so be forward with your purpose of joining the site. You could be there to have your first interracial encounter, or are looking for a BBW. You could also be looking for that first lesbian encounter. Whatever the case, just make it known, you will get more hits that way.
  1. Avoid making your profile only about looking for sex: Even when looking for an affair, a woman likes to be wooed, made to smile, have some fun and then the sex can come into play. Therefore, your introduction and messages should not just surround sexual content. It actually makes you seem creepy to other site members.
  1. Do not mention the wife or partner: If there is one thing that women cannot stand is listening to you talk about your ex or your wife. It kills the mood and the conversation in no time. If you can, keep that information to yourself, unless she asks. Even when she asks, try not to seem like you are putting the other woman on a pedestal, it is an instant mood killer.
  1. Talk about yourself; do not brag about yourself: It may sound tricky but it is important. In your profile, you are talking about yourself (age, location, interests, hobbies and what you are looking for). You can add the line of work you are in and the fact that you like to treat a lady with the finer things in life (but only if you genuinely can). It becomes bragging when you seem to be praising your sexual prowess, how powerful you are, or how you are God’s best gift to women since make-up. It is a definite turn-off.

Now that your profile is complete and you are ready to go, you will now begin to interact through messages and video chats. This is your first point of contact with the interested ladies so you need to make a lasting impression.

  • Make your messages light and conversational. Ask the lady about herself and add a joke or 2.


Hi, my name is (insert name here). I really like your profile and noticed that you love to hike. So what are your other interests?

  • Have some sample messages that you can choose from to post. This is the best way to avoid sending something insensitive.

Do not send this: My God you are a fat one. But I am here to get my first BBW experience so how about it?

You can send this: Hi, I love curvy, beautiful women such as yourself. What do you like?

  • Avoid sending dick pics or bodybuilding shots of you unless you have been asked to do so. There is nothing as creepy as sending naked pictures without being asked.
  • Take the conversation down the sexual road when she brings it up. Ask about her fantasies, fun past sexual experiences and so on. This will be the time to show her your masculine side and take control, you will thank us when she wants nothing more than to knock boots at the end of it all.




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