Friday December 15, 2017

Ways Phone Dating is Superior To Online Dating

Often overshadowed by its younger and slicker looking sibling "online dating", phone dating is a great way for those looking to find a hot date. Below are a few ways that phone dating is better than online dating.

Woman Phone Dating on Her Bed

Phone Dating is More Private

Unlike online dating which involves publicizing a ton of personal information and pictures online, phone dating requires no breach of your privacy. Calling a phone dating service such as livelink or quest chat is easy and convenient; withing just a couple minutes, you’ll be connected with thousands of hot singles who are also looking for the same thing as you. You do not have to post pictures to chat with hot singles over the phone. You get to speak with the real person on the other end, which gives it an extra sense of intimacy.

Phone Dating Protects Your Ego

Since your identity is unknown, you do not have to fear rejection. Chatting over the telephone lets you enjoy the spur of the moment even if you are a shy guy. There are lots of bored singles just waiting for you to call.

Phone Dating is More Intimate

This is one area where phone dating beats online dating hands-down. You can become intimate with the person on the other end even as you remain anonymous. You are also able to show the listener other parts of yourself because nobody knows your identity. Talk without holding back and explore all your fetishes without fearing that someone will know your identity.

Phone Dating Offers Better Connections

Calling a phone dating service gives you a better chance of connecting in real life. Phone chat lines give you genuine chances of finding hot date tonight!. The good thing is that the person you are looking for is also after the same thing that you want. Since you are actually talking to the person that you would like to meet, it is easy to convince them to go on a date with you. It is associated with feelings of closeness and it also gives you a higher level of anonymity than online dating. You have a chance of being your true self because nobody can tell who you are.

Phone Dating is Faster

Phone dating involves more live chat with sexy singles. You can choose to talk one minute and chat the next minute. Also, you can also change your greeting every time you like. Listening to other caller’s recordings is free and you can listen as much as you want. Unlike online dating, you get to talk live; you do not have to wait for the person at the other end to reply.

Phone Dating Lines Are Hotter

Dating chatlines sites are known for being wilder; you can usually get as raunchy and erotic as you want. The late night chatlines like RedHot and Nightline are especially good for this. Stay awake late into the night and chat with strangers. Say anything you want, ask anything you want! Have any fetish or secret desire? Share it on your favorite chatline. If you want to cheat on your partner, you will find people who are also looking to do the same. It is unlike most online dating sites where users are looking for a long-term relationship.

So wrapping up, phone dating is better suited if you are looking for someone to chat with right this moment, someone you can speak to without holding back.

What do you think? Are there any other ways phone dating is superior to online dating? Let us know in the comments below. In the follow-up post, we will explore ways in which online dating is superior to phone dating.

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