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How To Make A Girl Squirt (and Love You For It)

Making a girl squirt isn't as hard as some people think. There are a couple of steps, some tricks, ideal positions, that induce the reaction. All these steps are easy to perform. What’s hard about making a girl squirt is doing what you learned and doing it right. There is also a lot of ridiculous information out there, in men’s magazines, about how to pleasure a girl until she squirts, and 99% of that information is useless. In this article, I want to give you a step by step guide on how to make a girl squirt. You will know the things I tell you to do are true and tested, because I am a girl, and I taught my boyfriend how to make me squirt. So all the info I am giving you is coming from someone who has experienced squirting first hand. Here we go!
Attractive Woman Aroused in Bed
Pleasuring a Woman

1. Make Her Feel Comfortable

I am not talking about a bed of rose petals, champagne and candles. This will do nothing to make a woman squirt. It will set up a romantic mood but not a “today I’ll make you squirt” mood. Just make sure the bed is made, the room clean and the lights dimmed. That’s all you need. In addition, make sure nothing stinks in the house: you want a clean environment. Why? So her mind doesn’t wander and start thinking about all the cleaning she has to do, or what’s that stinky thing she is smelling. Make sure she cannot focus on anything else but you and what you are doing to her.

Discuss what you want to do with her. Tell her you will focus on her and you would love to see her cum, that you want to give her pleasure. Make sure she is okay with it. Some women are freaked out by the idea of squirting. If she is not ok with it, it won’t happen. If she is game for it and welcomes it, half the work is already done for you.

2. Use Effective Foreplay

Bite her neck, her shoulders, kiss her, kiss her breasts, lick her nipples, kiss her belly, but do not touch her vagina yet. Make her want it bad. What I often find is that men go straight for the vagina, neglecting all the other erogenous zones.

Sexual Foreplay

Touching her vagina should be the last thing you do in foreplay. It is the grand finale of the foreplay. If you rush into it, it won’t be as good. When you feel she is very excited, start softly touching her over her panties. Then gently put your hands inside her panties and find her clitoris. Touch it a little before removing her panties completely. Spread her legs apart. Make sure she is on her back. Lie next to her and stimulate her clitoris. Concentrate on the clitoris only. This will make her very, very wet. There really isn’t anything magical about it, just be patient, and do the same motion without stopping. Do. Not. Stop. She may have an orgasm while you do this, but of course it will be a clitoral orgasm, which does not make women squirt.

There are actually two types of orgasm: clitoral and vaginal. The former is easier to achieve, and the feeling is concentrated on the pubic area and lower belly. The latter is amazingly powerful, a whole-body experience, but is harder to achieve, although it won’t be when you are done reading this guide!
Continue to stimulate her clitoris until you feel she is wet and ready for more. At this time, you are probably hard yourself so it is a good time to move on to the intercourse proper.

3. Find the G-Spot

The G-spot is a very sensible part of the vagina, and it is also the area which is responsible for female ejaculation. The cum (the female ejaculation liquid is also called “cum”) does not come from the G-spot; it actually comes out of the same hole where the urine comes out. Although female cum is not related to urine at all. It is a cloudy, white water-like substance.

The G-spot in on the “roof” of the vagina. If you insert your finger into a girl’s vagina while she is on her back and make a “come hitter” motion with your finger, the part of the vagina which you will touch with your finger is the G-spot. It has a ribbed texture which is unlike the rest of the vagina. This is the part you will want to stimulate, either with your penis or your finger. If you chose to make her squirt with your finger, be prepared to have a sore arm when you are done. You will need to put vigor into your motion, and it can take a while before she squirts, but it’s doable. It is, however, easier to do while having proper sex. Let’s see both methods anyway.

4. Make Her Squirt

a) With your finger: Have her lie on her back on the side of the bed. Her whole body should be on the bed, her head against the head board. You should be standing up, next to her. Have her open her legs and bend her knees. Make sure she is wet, if she isn’t, you have failed step 2. Go back to foreplay until she is wet.

Now that you have access to her vagina, slide one finger inside her. Make a hook with your finger, in the “come hitter” motion I’ve talked about. Now you do not want to make a in and out motion; you want to make a circular motion, stroking her G-spot with your finger. Imagine you were to scratch your chin with your middle finger. This is the exact motion you want to do. Gently press on her lower belly with your other hand, to steady yourself but also to create pressure, which will help her squirt. Your motion should be fast and powerful, but be careful not to hurt her. Clean and well kept fingernails are a must. You may have to do this for 5 or 10 minutes. All women are different: some cum very quickly, some take more time. Either way do not get discouraged.

Fountains at the Bellagio
Here comes the waterworks!

She may tell you she is about “to pee”. When a girl is about to ejaculate she feels the same pressure like when she is about to pee. Remember I said that female cum and urine come via the same canal. This urge “to pee” may mean that she is about to squirt. It can also mean she is about to actually pee. This can also happen. If her bladder is full, all that stimulation may lead her to pee and in this case, it will be all over you. Make sure you are ok with that. Do not act grossed out if it happens: this would probably put her off for future squirting attempts! She most likely will be very embarrassed if this happens. Do not make a big deal out of it. Instead, invite her to the take a shower with you, and why not have a nice shower sex session while you are there?

If she doesn’t pee and instead you are successful and make her squirt, her body will tremble, she will moan and maybe scream, and she will ejaculate. A vaginal orgasm is a full-body experience and it can be very intense. This is not like the fake orgasms you see in porn videos. It’s real, raw and super sexy. It is also hard to describe, but when you see it, you’ll know.

b) With intercourse: There are many positions you can use to make her achieve a vaginal orgasm, but the easiest and quickest one is to have her lie on her back, on the side of the bed, a pillow under her lower back. You stand up near the bed, grab her legs and bring her feet to your shoulders, or your face if you’re into that. Penetrate her. You will be at the perfect angle to give her a vaginal orgasm. Your motion should be quick and hard but not too hard. In this position, and especially if you are well endowed, you may “hit bottom” and hit her cervix. This is not what you want. This position will also be very pleasurable for you, and you may have to delay your ejaculation. If she is very comfortable and letting herself go, she should cum and squirt after 3 to 5 minutes. If she is apprehensive and afraid to pee, it may take longer because she will hold it in. Reassure her. Tell her it is normal that she feels like peeing, but that it is actually the orgasm approaching and that she shouldn’t hold it in. You may want to say some dirty things to her, but not too much. Believe it or not, she may have to concentrate herself to let the orgasm come. Women’s orgasms are deeply physical, but to achieve orgasm, women need to be focused on their body, and they need to be relaxed. Too much noise or too much talking may make her loose focus. If you are doing the motion right, she will squirt and hopefully you will be able to cum at the same time. If you don’t, you’ll have an amazing mental image for your spank bank!!

This is it for my “How To Make A Girl Squirt” guide. I hope all of you give amazing orgasms to your girls and make them squirt. Here’s a quick TLDR for those who do not want to read the whole article (even if you should read it all.)

Clean surroundings, no foul smell, dimmed lights.- Foreplay, do not touch her vagina until she is ready for it. Let the tension build up inside her.- Stimulate the clitoris, stay focused. Make her wet.- The G-spot is a ribbed, sensitive part of the vagina. – Stimulate the G-spot in a quick and powerful “come hitter” motion.- On her back, legs up, feet on your shoulder, a pillow under her hips.- Success!

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  1. I just found out I, and then I found out most women can squirt. I starting sleeping with a new guy after the break up of a very long term,practically sexless relationship. He had me squirting about an hour into our first sexual encounter, he was amazing, did all the things you mentioned in the article, took the some to stimulate my clit, made me super wet,I even had some clitoral orgasms before he went in for the big kill. This was the most intense, full body orgasm, I’d never experienced anything like it before. The man I’m sleeping with now,is also amazing at making me squirt. I’m going through a period of sexual exploration,after 11yrs of next to no sex,& very boring sex when we did have it, I faked orgasms for years. Now I’m single,42 & having a lot of sex,always safe,but I’m loving being a bit of a slit for once! I always tell the man or woman I’m going to sleep with ahead of time that I can,will & prefer to have squirting orgasms. Here’s to the G-spot, squirting & so many men learning the proper method to make this happen for us lucky ladies, Salud!

  2. woooow that’s perfect I have learnt something about squirting of a woman pls give me more tipps on how to give a woman good Sex.I have low Sex drive come pls help me to make it normal again?

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