Friday December 15, 2017

Example of Effective Chatline Greetings

The secret to successful phone dating is to write a powerful and descriptive phone greeting. You are basically telling other people about yourself and what you are looking for. Include a bit about the things you like and then ask interested people to call you back. Below are examples of short, precise and sweet phone greetings. They will inspire you to write your own winning phone greeting line.

Hi, I’m Michael aged 35 and from the Los Angeles area. Although I am not good at everything, there is one thing I can guarantee: I will give you my undivided attention and do everything just to make my lassie girl happy. I am strong with a body to die for. If I’m not shouting to people at the gym, I enjoy walking, watching sports and movies. Do you think we could have something special between us? Just call me. You will be happy you called.

Hi, I’m Lavender aged 26 years old and looking for a soul mate. When I’m not working at my salon, I love partying and making love. I also enjoy reading good books and cooking nice food for my man. Are you the man? Come on, call me right away. I will make you appreciate the beauty of life.

Hi, I’m Daisy. My friends call me a flower and it is because I like to be pampered and cared for. I am 23 years old and when I’m done with serving drinks at a cocktail bar, I enjoy swimming, dancing and showing off my beautiful body. I also love music, especially rock music. Could you be my soul mate? If you are looking for someone like me, may be you’ve just found me. Call me so we can talk more.

Hi out there. I’m Jackie, 22 years old, sexy, lonely, bored and hungry for a really naughty dude. I love reading, spending quality time with an outgoing friend and walking in the woods. If you came to looking for someone with the same characteristics as me, I think you’ve just found me. No need for searching any more. Just give me a call. I’m waiting.

Hi, I’m Jane and am out to get a sweet man to treat me like a doll. I basically want someone I can try new things with. Could you be that man? If you enjoy walking in grass meadows, you are a passionate soul mate and you think that we can complement each other, just call me. It’d be great to hear from you.

Hi, I’m Victor, 34 years of age and I’m looking for a gorgeous lady to treat like a princess. I am from San Francisco area. I am a gentle, loving and ready to explore new things with my girl. I like having taking my girls to a nice restaurant where we’ll have nice together. I will show you the real meaning of high life. I am confident that once you make out with me, you will want to stick with me forever. Send me a message so we can start it off.

Hello, if you are tuned in to my message, consider yourself a really lucky girl. I am Steve and I am here for just one thing: to make my girl happy. I go out of my way to ensure that my girl gets anything she asks for in terms of having a good time and fun. I enjoy long, idle walks, good foods and spending quality time with a lovely lady. Do you share the same hobbies as me and also come from Kentucky area? If so, leave me a message. I always enjoy new company and I’m quite sure we will get off to a great start. I’ll be waiting for your call or message.

Hello, this is Mike. I believe you are having an awesome day. I’m 33 years of age and married but looking to have fun with a like-minded person. I enjoy watching movies, hanging out and meeting new friends. If you share the same hobbies with me, why not hit me up? I promise to make you even happier!

Hi, my name is Martina. I am single, 23-year old fun loving and carefree. I love meeting up with new friends and I also have a great sense of humor. That is not to say that I don’t have a serious side. I like going out to new places and cooking. If you like homemade food like me, I think we could complement each other. Just call me.

Hello, speaking here is fun-loving Faith. The reason I’m on this phone dating website is because I could use some fun. I love watching latest movies, painting and writing. I am energetic, lively and I have a strong athletic body. I am also friendly, fun and very easygoing. May be you are the one for me? But I can’t know for sure if you don’t call me and we talk. Call me right now so we could have some fun. I am waiting to hear your sweet, deep, voice.

Hello, I’m Naomi the Naughty. I am looking for someone to fulfill my wildest sexual fantasies and I hope I can find someone on this party line. If I’m not busy at the office arranging stuff for my boss, I fantasize about a strong and muscled man taking me in his arms like a doll and making love with me till morning. I love eating out at Chinese restaurants. I also love watching horror movies. Are you the one I’m looking for? Call me like right now.

Hi, this is my first time calling AffairHub and I could really appreciate some help settling in. I’m Denise, 33 years of age, sexy, married but looking for someone to have an affair with. My husband is simply too busy. I love reading and walking in the country. If you want some extramarital fun, get in touch with me. I can’t wait to hear your lovely voice.

Hello sweetheart. My name is Gabriella from New Hampshire. I am looking for a man who is loving and fun to be. I want a man who will take me in the country woods and make love to me on the green grass. Apart from lovemaking, I also enjoy listening to good music, cooking and watching movies. Call me and I will surprise you with my new side.

Hello there. This is George from North Carolina. I am a model, which I enjoy but could also do with some quality relaxation time. I am looking to have fun with a gorgeous lady. I love cooking and pampering my girls. If you want a true lover who will dedicate his entire time with you, just go on and try me. I will exceed your expectations.

From the above examples, you can see that it is not hard to write a chatline greeting. Just ensure that you speak clearly and you say precisely what you want. You may also want to include your location and say if you are looking for partners in that area only or not.

Now go record your own greeting on a free chatline

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