Friday December 15, 2017

The Most Effective Pickup Lines

It's 2015, and while every other regular guy is cowering under layers of Whatsapp or Snap Chat, the Alpha male is prowling the streets with bolstered confidence, winning girls right, left and center. The art of approaching women never gets old. Even if technocrats were to invent ten more dozens of social media platforms, your luck with women will still be pegged on the ability to make a grand first impression. This is where pick up lines come in. While men are predominantly creatures of habit, women enjoy a bit more spontaneity and impulse in their lives.

Excuse Me Miss. Attractive girl sitting at the bar

A killer pick up line doesn’t have to be fancy, as per se. However, to increase your chances of getting to know her better ( or bedding her if you’re lucky), then it has to be as natural and impetuous as it can get. For starters, remember that women adore confidence in a man. You can’t creep up to a stunningly glamorous lady, quivering and unsure, then expect to get anywhere with her. The first item on your wardrobe should be confidence. Then add some subtle touches of a manly, debonair flair. After that, choose on these pickup lines with a personality you wish to convey.

“Excuse me miss, is this seat taken?” – The charmer who feigns politeness.

This phrase is not one your typical cheesy one-liners that sound dated and borrowed. As simple and unobtrusive it may sound, if said with the right composure, it has the ability to charm even the most reserved crop of ladies. Of course, there has to be an empty seat or bar stool next to her, otherwise you will end up looking confused or comical. Your luck in getting her to open up and warm up towards you will very much depend on how you say it. If it comes out as if you’re fearful or unsure, she will immediately flip the switch and turn her ‘cock-blocker’ mode on. The best way to do it is by looking her straight in the eye, and saying it with a devious smile. Well, she will take the hint. And if she is also interested, you will be surprised by how much less talking you will have to do after that.

“How’s Your Day Going So Far” – The confident suave man.

This phrase communicates elegance and sophistication in a man. It’s not every day that a woman gets hit on by guys who take the liberty of addressing them as if they are already best of friends. Try this, and I can guarantee you will score some crucial brownie points. As I like to say, women can smell unpoised and insecure men a mile away. And the first step to charming an attractive woman is first taking her off that ‘mental pedestal’ you’ve placed her on. After that, you can initiate a lively conversation without glancing nervously or worrying that you’re not good enough fo her.

“Hey miss? How about I buy you a drink?”- The loaded & generous guy.

A generous and loaded persona comes to life through this phrase. I find it one of the most effective pickup lines especially in social or nightlife settings. Offering her a drink subtly shows that you’re not only caring. but you also have the monetary potential to provide. In as much as the ‘independent lady syndrome’ has been spreading around in this modern era, women will always look up to a man who can spoil them, without them even requesting. Remember that initiative is always appreciated, and even though she might politely turn down your offer, you will still live to fight another day.

“I can’t stop looking at you…” – The sincere, unafraid soldier.

Who doesn’t love flattery? Certainly not anyone from the fairer sex. This pickup line communicates a certain level of openness that women simply crave. The type that would cause her to break a sly smile, while wondering what next to expect from you. One thing for sure though, ladies have something for sincerity. That’s why they tend to open up easily to their friends, unlike men who prefer to nurse their problems in the company of a bottle.

“I have this queasy feeling that you’re trouble” – The witty moron.

If she has ever spotted you on another occasion then this will be a perfect start. 89% of women wouldn’t know how to respond in such a scenario and it will give the much-needed edge after catching her off-guard. Most likely she will reply with a short laugh and start probing further. As the ‘owner’ of the conversation, keep it alive by circling around the subject without ever disclosing your intention.

“Hello there, you really resemble X, are you distant cousins or something?” ( Where X is a famous personality) – The informed media guru.

According to Dana Corey a relationship expert, 76% of young women between the ages of 17-29 tend to identify with glamorous celebrities and also strive to some extent to emulate them. And the same way you would glow with pride if someone confused you for Trey Songz, William Levy or Cristiano Ronaldo, the girls also melt when compared favorably against their role models.

“Oh my….Look at your eyes…” – The flirtatious, carefree man.

Again, this proves that you’re not afraid to let your intentions be known. A man who has the flair and the balls to approach a lady such poignantly is often immediately crowned as the Alpha male. Particularly, if she’s beautiful and used to men beating around the bush to get to her pants.

“You look great in that outfit, it really brings out your figure…” – The gentleman with a sense of vogue.

In his book, ” Women are from Venus”, Dr. Logan Levkoff- a famous sexologist points how women dress to get noticed, whether consciously or subconsciously. Therefore, she is likely to appreciate the fact that you took some time to admire her investment. A word of caution though. To prevent it from sounding too cliche’ try adding some flavor to it. For example, also acknowledge how her watch matches perfectly with her chain or earrings.

“You look familiar, Is there any chance that we’ve met before?” – The mysterious guy.

Definitely one of the most of creative pickup lines I’ve ever used. Women love attention and they live for it. And most importantly they love mystery and drama. If you execute that pickup line with the perfect degree of occultism, then my friend, you will have more than her Facebook username at the end of the day.

“Ahem, looks like someone is lucky today….” – The urbane, refined dude.

That phrase right there gentlemen is a strong, double-faceted pick up weaponry. For one, it could imply that it’s your pleasure to meet her. Another way, it could also mean that you’re so good (in bed, dating or financially) that getting to know you will be advantageous to her. Either way she chooses to look at it, you still emerge at the top. ( I’m really hoping you’ll be creative enough to turn it around if she rolls her eyes and growls ” Excuse me!” )

Have fun fellas, life is never that serious anyway!

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Best Pickup Lines That Really Work.”

  1. In all honesty I disagree with about five of these if not more. I know for an absolute fact that it’s a bad idea to offer to buy her a drink right off the bat. What has she done to deserve it other than just stand there and look pretty. A man needs to separate himself from every other chump out there. Also, any comments about her looks are out unless it’s about her particular style or article of clothing and even that is a big maybe. I think whoever wrote this either doesn’t have much experience, is just winging it or is telling the reader what he thinks they want to hear. You guys seriously need to study pick up before you post stuff like this. In honesty I am going to have to go to another website because you just don’t really know what you are talking about and I don’t want or need any more bad advice.

    1. I disagree with all of them really. I’d probably laugh at you if you came up to me with these (that’s why I’m here for a laugh) if not laugh, completely blow you off and either leave the place or move somewhere your not.

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