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Pick up Lines Vs Opening Lines: Whats the Difference

Learning how to approach women is an art. Even though this is probably one of the most debated topics in the dating community, very few men consider themselves experts in this area. Needless to say, the best method to successfully approach a beautiful woman and seduce her is to use the right words. This includes using the right pick up lines, respectively opening lines to make her interested in having a conversation with you. If you manage to grab her attention, everything will get smoother and she will be mesmerized by you.

Trying a Pick up Line on a woman at a cocktail

The most popular tools men use to approach women and break the ice are pick up lines and opening lines. In this article we discuss the main differences between these two.

Pick up Lines: Cheesy, but Effective?

Essentially, pick up lines are clever phrases used to reveal your true intentions of hooking up with a beautiful woman. Pick up lines, although quite cheesy in nature and more than often prefabricated, might work in some circumstances. Being forward with wordplay can be interpreted in two ways by women – immaturity or interesting. While some women might see you as an immature guy just trying to have an adventure with them, others might perceive you as a courageous and confident man who is ready to do everything it takes just to conquer them.

Usually, sexual talk does not work so well at the first meeting. Even though pre-meeting planning and throughout preparation can help ensure your first meeting goes as smoothly as possible, you can never know if pick up lines will guarantee your success. According to a study conducted by the researchers from the University of Edinburgh, men can’t guess how well pick up lines and sexual innuendo will go with their female counterparts.

The main issue with pick up lines is that most men underestimate how positively women might react to their comments. The naked truth is that over 70% of women feel either threatened or considered inferior by men who use sexual pick up lines. According to this study conducted a few years ago in Edinburgh, the pick up lines used by men fall into four main categories: humorous, sexual, complimentary and natural. The last category, natural pick up lines, are when the man is trying to discuss a painting at an art gallery show or when he is asking a jogger who has just tripped if she is all right.

Most sexual pick up lines do not work because they indicate an obvious fact – you want her body. That’s not what she wants. A strong woman wants to be fought for. However, sometimes pick up lines might work. It all depends on how you deliver your message. Unless you can deliver your pick up line in a comedic way, you should probably go with an opening line. Still, if a girl if looking for a hookup or is willing to have sex, pickup lines work wonders.

Here are some pick up lines that might just work for you if used at the right time, with the right person and in the right circumstances:

“I’m not Fred Flinstone, but I can definitely make you rock tonight.”

“Can I have your phone number? It seems that I have somehow lost mine.”

“Did it actually hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“Is that a mirror you have in your pants? Because I can see myself through it.”

“Aren’t you tired already? You’ve been running around my head continuously today.”

“If I could somehow modify the alphabet, I would put the I letter next to L and U.”

“I was wondering if whether you are a magician or not. The thing is that every single time I look at you everyone and everything else disappears.”

“Is your daddy an actual baker? I’m guessing he is cause’ you’ve got some really nice buns out there.”

Opening Lines

Opening lines are just simple conversation openers that help you get to know the other person without showing your sexual interest. From a girl’s point of view, opening lines are just normal interactions, which makes them respond much better to this approach.

When approaching women, the best attitude you can have is one of honesty and sincerity. Being original means much more to women than using prefabricated expressions. Opening lines are not just perfect for the absolute newbie who has no idea what to say, but they can also work wonders for experienced guys who want to get to know a woman better.

According to the well-famed book Mating Intelligence Unleashed written by Glenn Geher and Scott Barry Kaufman and published in 2013 , most women prefer an indirect approach over a direct one. This means you have full freedom to open the conversation as you wish.

Most women who prefer the indirect approach said that they never remember the first meeting. This is a very important fact, as it relieves you of the pressure to prepare a speech or learn some pick up lines. With opening lines, you just need to think out of the box and come up with something unique that depends on your mood, the location you’re in and your partner’s attitude.

Using opening lines instead of pick up lines is much smarter overall, as it is less risky, way more mature and gives you more freedom. Moreover, using an opening line gives you better chances to succeed. Opening lines are there only to break the ice. What you say is not that important. What’s important is to appear genuinely interested in her and to be sincere. That’s what women appreciated over everything else.

Here are some examples of how to use opening lines to start a conversation with a beautiful woman.

“Hey there. I know this might seem random, but I saw you across the table and you seem a pretty cool person.”

“Hi. You seem to have great tastes. Any suggestions on what to eat around here?”

“Hi there. Is this seat taken?”

“So do you like this party? It seems you and I are in another league.”

“My name is xxx. You look quite nice. Wanna’ talk?”

“Hi. I just had one of the most amazing days of my life…and then tell her something funny that happened to you. Make it sound real and interesting enough.”

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