Friday December 15, 2017

Should Calling a Chatline Be Considered Cheating?

This may be the question in your mind if you discovered that your spouse is calling a chatline. The answer to this question can be YES or NO depending on how you look at things.

Yes, calling a chatline is cheating: Arguments in Favor.

The fact that your husband is aroused by another person and goes ahead get sexual satisfaction from an interaction is definitely something that you should be concerned about. Men think that they are having real relationships with the people they are taking to on the other side. They get excited, just the same way the get excited when they are with their real partners. They usually get into a state of mind that is similar to the state of mind that they get in when they are with their legitimate spouses. Calling a chatline is not only about having a conversation about sex. It’s much more complex. It involves sexual arousal, orgasms, masturbation and satisfaction. This makes calling a chatline just as serious as cheating.

A man looking for sexual pleasure from dating lines is obviously looking for satisfaction from another woman. Although the other woman may be far away, he connects with her to a point where he starts to feel as if she is right there besides him. This is not different from having a real affair. The only difference is the fact that in a real fair, the other woman is physically present to satisfy his sexual desires.

You should be concerned if you’ve caught your spouse calling a chatline instead of turning to you to satisfy his emotional desires. This is because it means that he prefers to get sexual excitement from the woman on the other side of the computer rather than having a real sexual relationship with you. It may also be an indication that there is no emotional connection between you two. Why would a man who loves and desires his wife want to have a sexual conversation that will lead to masturbation and satisfaction with other another woman? The fact that he does not know the person behind the computer does not matter. Sex chat is just the same as picking up a woman on the street and having sex with her and then walking away as if nothing happened. The person on the other side of the computer is real person.

Calling a chatline is even worse if he tried hiding it. Most men never tell their wives that they call a chatline. This is obviously because they feel that they are having conversations that they should be having with their wives with other people. They feel that they are deceiving their wives.

The fact that your husband told you that he is calling a chatline does not make it okay. There is a high chance that he told you about it so that he can freely have is an affair. A man who is sexually satisfied by his wife will not be interested in having a sexual conversation with any other woman. That is why you should be upset when you discover that your husband is calling a chatline just as you would be upset if you discovered that he is in hotel room with another woman.

No, calling a chatline is not cheating: Arguments Against

Fiction will never turn into reality. A man having a sexual conservation with a woman that he has never met and will never meet cannot be considered to be cheating. There is no physical contact. There is no emotional connection. It’s just about sexual satisfaction. Once a man reaches climax, he forgets about the woman and the conversation they had. He will not care whether she exists or not. He will only remember her next time he is horny and there is no one around to satisfy him or when he just wants to enjoy a fantasy.

Men’s brains are different for women’s brains. They desire sex more than women. If you have been neglecting your husband for a while, he will definitely look for a way to deal with his sexual desires. Calling a chatline may be one of his best options. This does not mean that he does not love you. It does not mean that he does not desire to have sex with you. He is just looking for a sexual outlet simply because you do not have sex with him as much as he would want to. Sex is part of a man’s natural instincts. It’s his way of ensuring the continuity of the human race. It you do not satisfy your man’s sexual desires or if you can’t keep up with his needs, you should at least let him fantasize. The fact that he chose to call a chatline rather than going out to have a real affair shows that he loves you and he does not want to have a relationship with anyone else.

Calling a chatline is basically a form of entertainment. He is just trying to entertain himself by having another woman who does not exist his life fulfill his fantasies. He is not doing it because he does not want to be with you. Maybe he calls the chatline because you have not been communicating well or because you do not satisfy him as you used to. Has anything changed between you? Have you gained some weight? Are you distant? He may be calling a chatline because he is looking for someone who will help to make him feel the way you used to make him feel. He does not want to cheat on you.

You should not destroy your marriage simply because you discovered that your husband found a way to relive his sexual cravings. He has no emotional attachment to the person that he was having a sex chat with. It’s you that he is emotionally attached to. It’s you that he shares everything with, not the person on the other side of the computer. It’s natural for men to desire sex. It just like going to the bathroom. It’s not harmful for your husband to flirt with a woman he will never meet and does not have a desire to meet. Fantasy is way better than reality.

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