Friday December 15, 2017

How To Talk To Girls If You Get Nervous Around Them

Get over the fear of talking to girls with this innovative approach to ease your brain into relaxing around women.
Nerdy guy afraid to talk with women on the phone

Women, those unpredictably  creatures we men crave as a drug. They can be so sweet and yet so bitter. There is an abundance of them, yet we feel we must prove ourselves to them. We fantasize and drool over them. Men throughout history have risen and fallen because of them, and will do  all kinds of stupid things just for the possibility of experiencing their tender touch.

Enough with the poetry… If you get nervous around women, there is not much you can do. You will start stuttering and your nervousness will show.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is hard to get much practice if you are terrified of talking to beautiful girls, and yet the only way to overcome this shyness is to actively go out of your way to talk to them. Its kind of a catch-22. So what can you do to get over this fear? Don’t deep in all at once, trying to pick up the most gorgeous girls. It is unrealistic you will have success, and rejection will just get you a step back.

instead, work your way up progressively. Get comfortable talking to girls on the phone, then seeing them live in the internet and ultimately.

It is possible to feel no anxiety while talking to a beautiful girl. The secret is in talking to as many girls as possible every day. Try to set a goal of talking to 10 girls a day. Try talking to girls during the day, such as in line to buy coffee at Starbucks, or at the gym. Talk to the girl clerk in the supermarket, and to the bartender in the night club.

Some of the most successful pick up artists started as awkward as can get, they got better through practice. A good friend of mine, Daniel was a virgin until well into his twenties. One day he decided  enough is enough. He spend 4 hours a day approaching women in the street, talking to girls on the phone, and sometimes being rejected and labeled as a pervert. Yet, after a few months of practice, a new man emerged. Today, dan is a moder day Don Juan.  Christian Gray looks sad compared to my good friend Dan.

Get Comfortable Over The Phone

A good place to start is on the phone. Talking to women over the phone is not nearly as uncomfortable as talking in person. Your automatic responses and nervousness can be controlled way better when you feel safe.

Even if it feels unnatural, pick up the phone and dial any of the chatline numbers here . You can use the free 30 minute trial to do this, so you don’t really have to spend money to practice. As soon as your trial is over, you can always call another one and signing up for another free trial. Some chatlines offer 60 minutes free trial, and if it is working for you, I highly recommend buying some minutes.

If you want to improve your interpersonal skills, talking over the phone with a complete stranger is a great way to get some practice. You can also try out PUA training sequences and improve your pick up game.

Try to convince her to touch herself down there. Ask her intimate questions and ultimately make her orgasm.

Once you are able to consistently talk to girls on the phone, graduate to video chat sites.

Video Chat Sites

Technology makes it possible to have cybersex with women across the globe.

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