Friday December 15, 2017

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Man Having Phone Sex Therapy Session

Is Phone Sex Therapy Really a Thing

How Does Phone Sex Therapy Differ From Regular Phone Sex While traditional phone sex lines can be therapeutic, the girls on the other end lack the professional training to help a truly sexually repressed individuals. Traditional sex lines will offer callers the opportunity to address their inner-most sexual desires, but they don’t explain the nature […]

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Eye of a man addicted to pornography

Why The Male Brain Gets So Addicted to Porn

But why do blue movies wield so much power over us? Well, the answer lies within the question itself. Sounds paradoxical, right? But if you consider that there are currently over 450 million adult site pages floating around online you might as well realize that a steamy sex scene (with all the catalysts of a […]

Attractive Masseuse Giving Erotic Massage

Where to Get a Massage With Happy Ending

There’s no doubt men are horny creatures! Most of them are also very stressed too. Asians in particular understand this very well. Odds are you’ve passed by a Asian Massage Parlor (or AMPs) on your way to work and you didn’t even give it a second thought. This businesses seem like legitimate spas offering the […]

Woman Phone Dating on Her Bed

Why Phone Dating Works Better Than Dating Sites

Phone Dating is More Private Unlike online dating which involves publicizing a ton of personal information and pictures online, phone dating requires no breach of your privacy. Calling a phone dating service such as livelink or quest chat is easy and convenient; withing just a couple minutes, you’ll be connected with thousands of hot singles […]

Online Dating Profile Design to Attract More Women Interest

How to Write An Affair Dating Profile That Will Attract More Women

When looking for an affair dating site, it needs to have as many security measures as possible to ensure the privacy of the client. Recently, one of the most popular sites was hacked and the hackers have threatened to release the members’ details. It should offer as much anonymity as possible and allows users […]

Girl browsing through guys' profiles on adult dating sites

Writing an Effective Dating Site Profile (for Guys)

There are very few people that actually know how to write an online dating profile that is great and will attract precisely what they want. Additionally, out of those that do research the matter, very few are men. This is more than unfortunate due to the fact that it is rather simple and the results […]

Blowjob Concept: Sensual Woman About to Eat Banana

How To Suck Dick: What Guys Want in a Blowjob

For an act that is so universally appreciated amongst the males of the species, the technicalities, techniques and science behind what makes a good blowjob’ seem woefully misunderstood by women. Perhaps it is the fact that certain things remain taboo within science and public discourse, or maybe the common misconception amongst women that penises are […]

Fingering Female to Orgasm

How to Finger a Girl to Orgasm

You can do like Donald Trump and just grab her by the pussy, or — if you really want to make her scream with pleasure — you’ll need to learn what what women like (and don’t like)… down there. Preparations Sex is an art that doesn’t kick-start in the bedroom. It does not even begin […]

Sex Surrogate Therapy Scene From The Sessions Movie

Everything You Need to Know About Sex Surrogate Therapy

Though, aside from the song, there’s also another way on how you can improve your relationship, increase sexual confidence, and other things related to it– no other than through surrogate sex therapy. Allow us to delve into details on how this can be of great help not only for you, but for your partner as […]

Sex and the Stars

Sexual Astrology: What The Zodiac Reveals About People’s Sexuality

Aries March 21 to April 19 This fire sign is well known for being striking like lightening with a fiery mix of toughness and energy. Moreover, Aries has the power of surprise and they live to take the lead especially in bed. Unfortunately, just like lightning, Aries can also fizzle just as fast. They are […]

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