Friday December 15, 2017

How to Approach Hot Girls

For most men, approaching a hot girl without getting slapped on the face is a major achievement. Getting a woman’s attention is actually not difficult provided the correct steps are followed. Below are some useful tips you should follow if you are planning to approach a hot girl.
Guy Ready to Approach Two Girls

Choose the Appropriate Time

A common mistake that men do is approaching the damsel when she’s busy talking to another person, or hanging out with friends. Women don’t like being bothered when they are already engaged in another chat. Therefore, it would be prudent for you to wait till the conversations are over, or when she excuses herself from the group to go get a drink if you are in a bar setting.

Meanwhile, you can still maintain eye contact and smile gently when looking towards her direction. But don’t overdo it and appear stupid even if she’s as hot as Megan Fox. If the lady looks back at you and smiles then chances are high that she’s willing to be approached. However, if she constantly reverts back when your eyes meet then you’d better try somewhere else since it’s a clear sign of disinterest in your antics.

But Dont Take Too Long Either

Even after mustering the courage to woo your lady, don’t stand there clueless on what to say; instead quickly break the ice and keep the conversation going. Staring at her blindly as if you’re some creepy murderer, or smile aimlessly like a insecure fellow will only work against you.

Approach Her With Confidence

Relax and don’t fidget around like a headless chicken, remember that poise and self-assurance are key ingredients in the art of flirting. Talk gently and listen more on what she has to say. Ask questions but let her direct the conversation.

It’s All About Physical Appearance

The best dating coaches and pick up artists agree that your appearance plays a huge role in the game of flirting. I’m not talking about physical attributes. Girls will rather go out with an average looking guy who takes care of himself than handsome handsome slob. Ensure that you are well dressed, groomed and smelling good. Dress to impress, wear fine cologne and strut in a way that expresses elegance.

Even though in time the woman may come to appreciate the ‘inner goodness’ that lies in you, first impressions are crucial if you want to meet her in the first place. A shoddily dressed man, with hideous protruding beard and an ugly baggy t-shirt is hardly what any sane woman would fall for. Go an extra mile and invest in good clothes. Dressing well send a message that you know how to take care of yourself and that you are in control.

Watch Your Personal Hygiene

This is a crucial prerequisite  how to approach hot girls that many guys misses.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Your opening line matter a lot if you truly want to impress her, don’t start your conversations with words like ‘Can I get your digits? It seems as if I’ve lost mine.’  Few girl will fall for a dude who starts a chat with such lame rhetoric. Most women’s assume this to mean that you are only interested in having sex with them and nothing else. Instead of repeating some cheesy pickup lines you found online, think of something simpler and more appropriate. For instance, comment about the music playing in the background to kick-start the conversation if it’s a restaurant

Use Compliments… Sparingly

All girls love compliments so long as they are coming from the heart. Too many compliments can make you seem needy or even desperate for attention. Give her kudos on factors like her choice of hairstyle, dressing, smile or facial looks and always let it come out naturally. Girls can sense when you’re bluffing to get into their pants.

Focus On Her… Sometimes

Give her too much attention and she will take you for granted. We all love talking about ourselves and girls even do it more; always remember to give her the limelight when holding conversations. Allow the conversation to revolve around her and her interests.

What are other important prerequisites before approaching a hot girl?  Which ones are just not important? Let us know in the comments section.

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