Saturday February 24, 2018

10 Hollywood Movies That Turn Men On
So You Can Get Your Way On Movie Date Night

Let's face it: the point of inviting your guy friend over to watch a movie on your couch is to score! But just sitting there together while eating popcorn doesn't always do the trick; sometimes you need a little extra boost. No, we aren't talking about Viagra, we are talking about movies. Watching a movie is a great excuse for cuddling and can get him feeling frisky, so here are 10 movies in different genres that can help get him in the mood!

Sexy Couple Watching Movie

So, you’ve decided to pick up the phone and invited your guy over for a nice dinner and a movie. After you are done eating, put on any of these movies to get him in the mood.


Laughing together is a big turn on for both girls and guys, so watching a good, raunchy comedy can be a great bridge between hanging out and making out!

The 40 Year Old Virgin

This movie may seem like the opposite of getting laid, but it’s kind of like a snake in the grass. Not only is the movie hysterical, but it is full of sexual vibes.

American Pie

It’s the perfect coming of age college comedy. The build up is so fantastic, that the sex at the end is enough to ligthen the mood and allow for “band camp”  stories that can lead  and asking when you are going to screw her.

Zack And Miri Make A Porno

Okay, so this is almost a porno, because it’s about making a porno, so a lot of the sex scenes are pretty generic. But it’s the scene at the end that will really get him going. The sex is romantic, and the expressions on the actors’ faces show that they are in sexual bliss!

The Wedding Crashers

Not only is this film about getting married, but the sexual exploits are off the chain! The scene where Isla Fisher gives Vince Vaughn a hand job under the dinner table is both hilarious, and will put you in a promiscuous mood!

Horror Movies

Horror flicks are great as a precursor to intimacy. Getting scared gives you the perfect alibi to reach for him and initiate close physical contact.  Here are some titles that will have him pretty much under you by the end:


This is a staple of the horror genre, but is set in a high school setting, which we all know is a time in our lives when our hormones are going crazy!

Any of the Friday The 13th Movies

As hokey as they may be, these films are packed full of random camp sex. Nothing puts ideas in his head more than the thought of silly, free loving!

Interview With The Vampire

Although there is not a whole lot of sex in this film, it does have one thing that is sure to get him wriggling in his jeans: phone sex! Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as sleek, neck sucking Casanovas will have you yearning for the real thing!


These movies are listed because they cannot really be put into a category, but they are just as potent!

The Notebook

This should go without saying. This movie is notorious for getting guys laid, not only because chicks love it, but because if you are willing to sit through it, it shows how much you really care.


Despite being a movie about heroin addiction, this movie has some of the hottest soft-core sex scenes ever! Watching Kelly MacDonald ride Ewan McGregor with the velocity of a teen-aged slut, is sure to trigger some memories in him!


Believe it or not, this movie is a major turn on, especially for a guy that is into comic books and gaming. It is gritty, but has a very playful side, and Ellen Page’s performance opens the door to your  frisky side, as she pretty much rapes Rainn Wilson!
If you really want to increase your chances of getting laid, have some wine ready! You could even have some chocolates or other aphrodisiac foods on hand, so you can drink and eat while you watch the movie! We wish you luck on your quest for booty!

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