Friday December 15, 2017

How to Conquer Your Fears of Approaching Beautiful Women

We're all familiar with that queasy feeling you get when you scroll down your Facebook news feed, only to be bombarded with photos of your male friends in the social company of jaw-dropping, attractive women. You know those photos that swell with feminine elegance and vogue. The kind of photos that are a stark reminder of your inability to chase and pin down a lady who's worth stealing a second glance. Well, you're not alone my friend.

Confident guy kissing girl in the neck

Some of the best of us, who have machined and perfected the rare art of sweeping ladies off their feet, were once timid puppies who had to deal with the same sweaty palms and flushing faces. And we started by ditching the average man’s ‘am-not-good-enough’ mindset and adopted the Alpha male’s debonair attitude.

This, gentlemen, is the first step of being successful with women. After that, sprinkle a little of the following.

1.) Practice, practice, practice.

Yea, we all know that rejection hurts to the core. It’s even harder to swallow if you consider yourself dapper or urbane. After several more instances of being given a cold shoulder, the brushoff typically starts to take a toll on your male pride, and you find yourself avoiding girls all together.

Ok, let me let you in on a secret; females are wired to be wary and suspicious of any male advances. It’s a biological adaptation that allows them to unconsciously single out the strongest, boldest and most daring man in a crowd of countless admirers.

Therefore, once you recognize that rejection is only part of the bigger picture, your attitude towards it changes. You ‘ll gradually learn that approaching women comes with the somewhat subtle risk of bruising your ego. But the rewards are far much more enticing, and far much more orgasmic too!

Also, last time I checked pretty ladies don’t carry guns with them. The worst that could happen to you for asking her out is being handed out a half-baked response. Either way, you’ll sleep better at the end of the day knowing that you at least gave it a shot.

2.) Learn To Be a Sweet Talker

Not unless you are an A-list celebrity who doesn’t have to lift a finger to get laid, owe on to you if you can’t maintain a lively conversation for more than two minutes. While men are visual creatures, women will filter the world through their ears. Literally speaking, a man will either buy his way or charm his way to a woman’s pants. However, I find the latter easier and more enthralling.

Contrary to the opinion of most men, talking to women is easy as long as you don’t sound cheesy or overly predictable. After exchanging pleasantries, try to keep the conversation as general and interesting as possible. Invent stories and experiences to back up your opinions. Sooner or later you’ll realize that she’s already paying attention and if you sink the bait then, she gladly gobble it up.

3.) Confidence is one of the Highlights of Masculinity.

It does matter whether you’re rich as Mark Zuckerberg or as humble as a junior employee who barely manages to pay their rent. You will be surprised by how much your success with women depends on your cocky confidence. For starters, women have the peculiar ability to spot a weak or desperate man from a mile away. On the other hand, they easily gyrate and melt into the arms of men who are sure of themselves and have an aura of manly suaveness about them.

Those are men of purpose- who are fueled by ambition, tenacity, and prowess. Pick something, work hard, be good at it and quickly your confidence and self-worth levels will soar up. Soon, women will be drawn to you the same way moths are attracted to light bulbs.

4.) Expand your Social Circle.

John Gottman, a world renowned relationship expert always emphasizes on a quote that I often find very inspiring, ” No woman wants a man who is not wanted.” It implies that the more you distance from the female species, the harder it becomes to meet more women.

Have you ever noticed how women glance enviously at the man who turns up at an event with a gorgeous, shapely lady in tow. Do you know why? Most of the time they are trying to figure out what makes the man so special to deserve the company of the beautiful lass. Is he rich? Is he good in bed? And most surprisingly, they will always try to have his attention before the end of the party.

The same applies to real life. You’ll notice how a girl who had earlier turned you down, will start warming up to you after she sees you in the company of other women whom she considers prettier than herself. Women are naturally competitive and jealous. They are also driven with the innate inclination of trying to snatch quality men from their counterparts. Thus, the trick here is to create an impression that other women find you attractive, even if in reality you look like a character from a horror movie.

5.) Learn From the Pros.

Sometimes, if you’re too deep in your man cave, you might want to seek the help of an experienced brother to help you out with the initial baby steps. It could be an older colleague, friend or relative. Even better, if you can afford it, you could hire a professional dating coach to help you learn the ropes practically. A good example is LoveSystems who have transformed the lives of many men struggling to connect with women.

6.) Don’t Be Afraid to Fail.

In her book, ‘How to read a woman like a book’, Dr. Karyn Gordon points out that; the more a man puts himself under the scrutiny of women, the more he finds it easier to be comfortable and natural around them. Just because that hot waitress didn’t give you the time of day, it doesn’t mean that you should withdraw into your cocoon for the rest of the year. Get up and approach her colleague. Make sure she also sees this too. It will make her so jealous that if your game is good enough, you’ll be treated to a rare threesome by the end of the week!

At the end of the day, if you really want to get good with women, you’ll need to approach new girls and be turned down as many times as you have ridden in elevators. With time, you will build a network of close female friends to tag along whenever you need to pursue new game. And the results will be stupefying. Trust me.

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