Friday December 15, 2017

Review of

It is easy to get caught up within the hectic nature of the world, the business arena known for absorbing endless hours, days and even weeks and months of one’s life; it is hardly surprising that those well established men of today, flying high within society and achieving in every field of finance, contend with great difficulty when attempting to indulge in relationship of one kind or another. is a premier dating site seeking to connect rich gentlemen with beautiful ladies. The purpose of is to craft convenience for the seeking, allowing well established men to acquire the company of the beautiful without having to indulge in all the chaos of reaching out and engaging with another individual.

Operating within the confines of a mutual agreement, the idea here is to meet the needs and desires of two parties without having to bother with the arguments and misunderstands that usually pervade most relationships, avoiding the mistakes that are likely to crop up between two mismatched parties by allowing like minded beings to meet within a neutral zone, understand the offers being availed, decide on the acceptability of the conditions at hand and proceed into a well crafted situation that is bound to prove fruitful under these careful considered settings.

+Target- The site bares its purposes rather ostensibly, designing its operating structure to reach those individuals aptly named sugar daddies and sugar babies; a sugar daddy in this case defined as a successful interested not only in enjoying the company of an attractive man or woman but spending generously on the needs, wants and desires of their short or long term mate.

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Sugar babies stand at the receiving end of their chosen mate, usually full of ambition, interested in enjoying the finer things in life and reaching out to sugar daddies (or sugar mommies) to fulfill their every financial desire, even while availing a predetermined service in return, usually some form of companionship.

+Purpose- the aim of is simple, to connect so called sugar daddies and mommies with sugar babies within a mutually beneficial relationship, with the targets being either men or women, young and old, on either side of the sugar daddy/baby divide.

The website is sleek in design and simple to operate, quickly guiding its users into signing up to become official sugar daddies, members of the website, at which point one may then gain access to the myriads of beautiful women available, engaging with their chosen targets and exchanging contacts and messages with the aim of luring potential sugar babies into a mutually beneficial relationship. Review

+Cost- Gaining membership is completely free for both sugar daddy and sugar baby accounts; it will however prove necessary to upgrade to a premium plan for both accounts to access additional features not available to the free account such as messaging. This upgrade is not only simple but singular, a one time deal, with no hidden fees after this point.

Features- popular features will include;

  • Large database of seeking members
  • Cost free exchange of contacts with other members
  • Active and exciting membership roster
  • Complete honesty and transparency on the part of the dating site
  • Credit cards are not necessary
  • Privacy is ensured understands the need pervading today’s society and will aim to meet the sugar daddy/sugar baby challenge within a safe, secured and friendly environment, its website easy to use, its support mechanisms easily accessible and helpful, its costs more or less negligible for the services on offer and its results of very satisfied members more than speaking for themselves.

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  1. hi i am a member of I would like to know how can i be so sure i am communicating with a real person. because at times i feel they are so unreal.They give me email adress,phone numbers but it is too hard to believe

    1. There have been dozens of men that have contacted me on that site and only 2 were real people. I’ve reported the frauds but nothing is done. This site is a scam!

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